My Tiny Heiny

My new 12 fl oz Heineken cook pot that is!  I picked up two if these smaller versions of the Heineken keg can before they disappeared and I’ve been putting a kit together to work with my new favorite tiny pot.  So today I’m debuting my new solo cook kit!!!

I had a time and a half trying to find a stove that would work with the very small diameter of the bottom of my Heiny pot.  I tried every type of penny stove and coke can stove I could find plans for on the web or come up with myself for months with no success.  The issue with most penny and coke can stoves is that it is very hard to make them create a small enough flame pattern and I just kept getting flames that licked all the way up the side.  Tealights had the best flame pattern but couldn’t hold enough fuel.  I was attempting to make a new stove out of the top and bottom of a giant Monster can when I realized that the Monster lid looked just like a larger version of a tealight stove.  So I flipped it over and Voila!  It worked.  I’m sure that the Monster stove I was originally making probably would work too but the tealight lid was so easy and works so well I just never went back to finish the original stove!

I keep my fuel, stove and tin foil ground protector/heat reflector all together in a ziplock bag and in my pot along with my MSR folding spork.  I then keep my pot in it’s cozy and then wrap the pot stand and wind screen around that and it all goes into a medium Ziplock Twist n Lock Container which has it’s own cozy.  I am using a modified version of the original pot stand from my first solo kit that is made from the metal mesh top of a one time use tailgating barbecue as well as a tin foil windscreen.  I’m hoping to get something more durable really soon to replace the wind screen I’ve got right now.

The little measuring cup that I had been using for my fuel broke recently so I am not 100% sure how much fuel my little tealight holds but I guesstimate it to be about 3/4 an oz.  Many people want to know how long a stove burns for or how long it takes, but honestly neither of those things are a priority for me so I have no idea how many minutes of burn time I get or how long it takes to boil but I do know if I fill it all the way to the top it boils my one cup of water every time!  My tiny little pot only holds 1.25 cups with room but I find that’s all I really want, not just all I need, but really all I want.  Many backpackers want at least 2 cups of water, one for their dehydrated meal and one for their hot beverage.  I like both before bed as well, but I hate a hot drink with my hot meal.  I prefer to be boiling my water for my hot drink while I’m finishing up dinner, so my little one cup setup works just great for me!

I made a cozy for the ziplock container I use to keep it all together and safe for one reason, to stick my freezer bag in it to keep the heat in and then to wrap the top of the ziplock bag around the top to give it structure and make eating out of a bag so much easier.  All in all my little setup does pretty well for me.


  • Outer Cozy with lid – .8oz Ziplock
  • Twist n Lock Container – 1.8oz
  • Heiny Cozy – .5oz
  • Pot Stand – .1oz
  • Windscreen – .3oz
  • Heiny Pot with lid – .5oz
  • MSR Folding Spork – .4oz
  • Stove, Heat Reflector and Storage Bag – .3oz

Total Weight – 5oz or 145 grams



About Joslyn

My name is Joslyn and I primarily hike with my husband Richard. We live in Northern Arizona with our dog, Jäger and love camping and hiking. We are continuing our adventure in backpacking inn this our second year and as always, striving towards going Ultra Light.

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  1. Nice…don’t you just love DIY kits… they are so much fun and something to be proud of…

    Your kit is quite close to my kit. I did a write up and a video on it a little while back. I am using a BC 700 ml Ti pot (with the handles removed and a DIY aluminum lid). I am using a hardware cloth pot stand (5×19) a DIY wind screen and a DIY mini atomic knock off. My entire cook kit (which also includes a towel, cup, lighter, long handle spoon, primer pan, DIY cozy with lid & a stuff sack) weighs in at 8.3 oz. I know it is not the lightest, but it is all of my creature comforts, durable and efficient (and pretty dang light, IMO… 🙂 )

    Just curious, when you made the penny stoves, where did you put the jets? With my Mini Atomic, as well as with my knock off Mini Atomic, the flame pattern is pretty tight, but then blossoms out to the size of the cook pot. However, with these stoves, the jets are inside the inner ring rather than outside the ring. (If that makes sense.)

    Also, I make my pot stands from some hardware cloth. I have some that are 4 squares high and some that are 5 squares. I found that for my particular stoves the one that is 5 high is more efficient.

    I understand not knowing exact burn times, etc… I would say that as long as you are comfy with it, that is all that matters. I myself do not mind waiting 6 minutes for my water to boil, however, my MBD M2 stove is not very efficient IMO and it can take a long time to boil water…so it is a home stove now… 🙂 Usually though when I am at camp I will put my water on and then go about my business of arranging my other items. I just come back after a little while and check my water. Sometimes it is still burning (but boiling) and sometimes it has already went out. It just depends on how long I take doing whatever…

    I agree with you too about not liking a hot drink with dinner…the only thing that I hate about that is that I have to use more fuel to boil more water later. IME, I have found that overall it takes less fuel to boil the same amount of water at once then it does by doing it twice. On overnight trips this is fine, but on 3-4 day trips or more then it can add up. I typically take 2 oz of fuel per day, and will carry 1 extra oz just in case something happens. So, I don’t leave myself much room for extra boiling…but that’s me…

    I am curious too, have you had any bubbling up on the liners in your beer cans? I have used 2 cans quite a few times and I already replaced one because the liner was bubbling up and now the second one has started bubbling up in 2 spots. It happened after just a few boils too…I still use it, but will change it out again sometime soon… TBH, this is one reason I went back to my Ti pot (that and just simply because the Ti pot is more durable).

    I am using my cozy in the same manner that you are, by rolling the Ziploc bags over the corner and creating a bowl with them. I really love the way this works. Plus, since I was able to do this I didn’t need to carry a hard container, which saved me some weight there. Does your Ziploc container double as a cup or something, or is it just the carrying case to protect the can?

    On the fuel measurements though, I simply marked lines on my fuel bottle and measure from there. I measure everything out in 1 oz increments (if I need a fraction of an oz I will just eyeball it). All I did was grab a 30 cc syringe and squirt 30 cc (1 oz) in the fuel bottle, let it calm down and then drew a line at the level. Once this was done I put a piece of clear tape over the lines so that they would not be rubbed off. It has worked very well. (Ahh…I just noticed in your picture you have done this too… 🙂 )

    As for some thicker aluminum, I picked up a roll of some aluminum stock from Hobby Lobby for $10. It was a pretty decent size (something like 12×30). I need to get some more. But it is great for making windscreens and even the lid for the pot.

    Anyway, I will quit now…sorry about the long comment…I love cook systems though…Great job and I am happy to hear that you have found something that you like. I know the feeling…I am super happy with my kit and it was a great feeling when I finally got all the pieces all worked out and it just works…it just fits me…



  2. I have tried the ones with the flames on the inside but for some reason they just never worked quite right. I can’t really explain it, mostly because I have no idea why they didn’t work. I’m still fiddling with it…

    I know I use more fuel but like you said sometimes a little extra weight is worth it. Though I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping this as my summer only setup.

    I have not had any bubbling but I bought two cans because I had heard that people have had that happen. I did notice on one of your videos that you too had made marks on your fuel bottle. Funny enough I got the idea from another blog all together. I guess great minds do think alike! And yeah I’ve just been too lazy to get down to my Hobby Lobby to get some of the good stuff for my windscreen. 🙂

    No problem! I know exactly what you mean. I have had such a love/hate relationship with my cook kit for so long, it’s nice to finally have something I love every part of with no issues I can’t live with.

  3. This is so clever. Wish I had something like that in my backpacking days. 🙂

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